NPR 030: Post Future Trunks Saga Filler "Gohan and Krillin" - Dragon Ball Super

Told you we'd be back on the reg. Silly Namiacs. Mike Hancho and Seth (AKA Ol Kami) are holding YOU down with more Dragon Ball Super coverage. Filler, yes. Falling behind the English Dub, yes. A collection of inappropriate and insensitive humor, yes! But that's why we're here... and apparently you too.

Making up for lost time! Today we cover episodes 73 through 76, so buckle up! No manga of course as its all filler. Lil Dende is still out on his military adventure. PooPoo from DBZ Amino has given us honor, and so in return. Watagosh helps Berry the blowhard to ruin Gohan's movie fun time with Coco the hot teen-throb. We give the Wayne's World "Schwing" to Bulma... not Demi Moore. Videl is the best wife ever!!! And in ep 75 and 76 Goku and Krillin gots to train, when they should just go for cock-pushups. While the award for "most savage" goes to Android 18. We also get to see Frieza, Cell, the Ginyu Force, and lots of other old foes! But Krillin just doesn't wanna fight. All ends well with Roshi munching down on some Kush! Stay tuned for more bonus episodes too. See y'all on the flip side.

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