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NPR 029: Post Future Trunks Saga Filler "Baseball and Hit" - Dragon Ball Super

Our summer break is over, so you can once again count on us at Namekian Public Radio for reliable and consistent episode releases. The quality however...

Was it worth it? Let us work it. We put our thing down, flipped it and reversed it. 
Yeah we know the bonus episode came out before this one. So what!? And we know it's been over a month since our last episode. So, What. Here is our Dragon Ball Super filler coverage of eps 70, 71 and 72. No manga cuz... it's filler time! Mike Hancho (Guytar) joins as the new Co-Host in our triumphant return. We're still giving away the Vegeta Bundle Pack... and... who is your daddy and what does he do?

Cat Oolong, AKA Champa, challenges Beerus to the great America past-time. But really, it's Yamcha's episode. or Jimi Hendrix. Then Goku dies?! Again? Is it because Bulma hit him with her car? No. It's because the Hit came back the very next day, the Hit came back... we thought he was a gonner. Did you think we were gonners? Well, …