NPR 028B: Our Late Night TFS's Deadzone Watching Party Thing

Yes yes. We've been away for a spell, I know. We're terribly sorry but you see, it's what we Namekians call "Summer Time on Namek!". And summer time is an especially fun time for us, and well, we've simply been having too much fun. Yes that's right, we've neglected you good Namiaks for debauchery and merriment. And frankly, thinking back on it now, I'm not so sure that we are sorry. In fact, we aren't sorry at all. So there, what do you think of that?! Anyway... here's Robert and Seth watching the parody of Deadzone the 1st Dragon Ball Z movie.

This was supposed to be a Patreon Exclusive but it turns out we do feel a lil bad for leaving you hanging for 3 weeks. oops, we sorry.... a little bit.

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Special Thanks to Team Four Star!!!
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