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NPR 028: Post Future Trunks Saga Filler "Wishes and Arale" - Dragon Ball Super

Secondary Puberty is taking it's toll on Ol Kami during this filler show and Lil Dende won't let it go. We cover episodes 68 and 69! ... 69! ok. No manga comparison save that there is a Dr Slump character! We are still doing our Vegeta Bundle Pack Giveaway... so go do that... so you can win. So, Uhmm yeah.

In this episode we see that Gregory is a doubting Tomas, Bulma makes for a pretty good Shenron, Roshi gets his perv on, Whis and Beerus crash the party, Oolong is pigscriminated against, and Pan nearly dies from a deadly cold... of deadliness! But everyone gets a kitty spanking instead... especially Bulma.  Toriyama's older creation Arale makes her debut in ep 69 and is reunited with Goku after 30 years, the Manga gags hit a new high for Dragon Ball! They nearly destroy the earth and Beerus nearly poops himself. Oh and never mind the computer issues... we put them back in line though. Thanks as always for listening!

Click here to play episode 28

NPR 027: Future Trunks Saga Finale - Dragon Ball Super

This is the end my friends, the end of the Goku Black Arc. Due to our break, this episode will come out after the English Dub's airing. But don't fret, we'll catch back up. Either way Ol Kami and Lil Dende are here to give you the grand finale of this arc, an hour and a half of our coverage of the anime and manga's end!

What if the boys would have enlisted Buu,? the Kai killer! What if Zen-Oh wouldn't have taken kindly to Goku's creepy and informal violation of personal space? What do I do if there's inclement weather? Goku's luck prevails again, we find a new placement for Potara earrings, time travel makes no sense, Burter is the definitive fastest in the universe, and Zamasu had a time machine the whole time?! Pilaf comes in as a MPV too!? Robert and Seth give a comprehensive overview of this saga in the way that only that can; are mortals worthy of existence or can they redeem their dastardly behavior through might? Can Dragon Ball Super move past T…