NPR 025: Future Trunks Saga Part 6 - Dragon Ball Super

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Ol Kami and Lil Dende comin' at ya with another dope installment of the Goku Black arc! An you know we be coverin' that anime (ep62-64) AND that manga (ch19-22), we watch the SUB and the DUB... So when you listen to Seth and Robert you know you're gettin' that good good.

Trunks spars off against Black, even more exposition about the Black/ Zamasu relationship, and our boi Piccolo comes up with the idea of the saga (MPV candidate) but Goku says he'd rather learn from Master Roshi!? The manga shows Goku Black as a Super Saiyan in between base and Rose, did you know that? Now you do. Vegeta wrecks the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, again! Yajirobi just keeps showing up to save the day so Trunks can fist Black after the old gay couple (B&Z) have more tea before Mai snipes em... to no avail (Confusing?! ... that's how these episodes feel). As the intellectual giants of your planet, we pose the question of "what happens to Whis when Beerus dies?" because of when Supreme Kai dies? Now back to Vegeta gives us his awesome "Saiyan Cell Speech" while wrecking Black, Zamasu gets really really angry, and Ol Kami get lewd! Goku gets impotent around Black's pink gash, Trunks wants to center for the Broncos, and Bulma pinches Zamasu's nipples but he only wants Black... obvi. The Mafuba goes of with a hitch, because Goku, but in the manga we see Vegeta SSG (red) do the Mafuba... still unsuccessfully. Tune in to see who wins... could be you!  

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