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NPR 026: Future Trunks Saga Part 7: Dragon Ball Super

Weeeeeee're baaaaaaaack!

After 25 episodes of go go go, mother nature was like "Slooooooooow Dooooooooown". So take a break and get some R and R is what we did. Thanks for stickin with us!

Ep 65 and 66 of Dragon Ball Super is what Ol Kami and Lil Dende are bringin you this week, with corresponding manga chapters (23-26). And this is the penultimate Goku Black Arc episode coverage. Also don't forget about our Vegeta Bundle Pack giveaway, you can help us spread the Namekian love, while winning yourself some signed swag by sharing our Facebook post or getting your closest bro or broette to start listening! Try it out. Goku Black and Zamasu are fused, his moves are constantly named and Seth (Ol Kami) declares his switch in allegiance... to Zamasu! The days of Frieza reigning supreme are no more, though he'll always have a special place in our frozen little hearts. Zamasu is GOAT for Super. Fight me. I mean he's basically Jesus. A Jesus that beats the Blue out of …

NPR 025: Future Trunks Saga Part 6 - Dragon Ball Super

Hello, welcome and thank you for tuning into our 25th episode extravaganza!
We drop the official announcement for the Vegeta Bundle Pack Giveaway [Including a signed by Christopher Sabat sticker, button and Lego] as a "Thanks for showin' up!" prize.
(Die hard listeners are already aware)
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Ol Kami and Lil Dende comin' at ya with another dope installment of the Goku Black arc! An you know we be coverin' that anime (ep62-64) AND that manga (ch19-22), we watch the SUB and the DUB... So when you listen to Seth and Robert you know you're gettin' that good good.

Trunks spars off against Black, even more exposition about the Black/ Zamasu relationship, and our boi Piccolo comes up with the idea of the saga (MPV candidate) but Goku says he'd rather learn from Master Roshi!? The manga shows Goku Black as a Super Saiyan in between ba…