NPR 024B: Bonus - Dragon Ball Legends and Heroes gets an anime!

Strap in Namiacs, this episode is a long, hard, thicc, substance fueled ride of debaucherous Dragon Ball bonus content. Ol Kami (Seth) and lil Dende (Robert) get happy while telling you all about, well mostly about Dragon Ball Legends, new Dragon Ball Heroes anime and way way more... Just like we said in the title. Get a load of Lil Dende Vs Ol Kami in Legends on our Youtube page. Our Amino page grew to 500 Followers!, so thanks for that, and we cover some of the polls from there too. We officially give the rules for our Vegeta bundle pack giveaway:
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This episode goes off the rails quick, I'll say no more other than... stick around for the psychedelic ending!

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