NPR 024: Future Trunks Saga Part 5 - Dragon Ball Super

Robert (AKA lil Dende) and Seth (AKA ol Kami) are back once again, dishing out the hottest Namekian News in the galaxy and covering Dragon Ball Super episodes 59, 60 and 61, starting with "Destroy Zamasu!". We Namekians, give you the full spectrum experience of DBS, including the Manga. Wherein Supreme Kai, Beerus, Whis and Goku hatch a plan to catch Zamasu in any possible evil acts, while Yajarobi gets his cookies stolen, Trunks fights himself, and Gowasu loves buns but Zamasu gives him the chop... then in turn gets the Ha-Kai.  We get a lesson in time travel theory, recall an episode of Cribs "Anime Edition", go even deeper down the time line/ multi-verse rabbit hole, compare The Young to the Restless to DBS and then compare Zamasu to Narcissus. Black not only stole Goku's body but is also using his Zen Kai Boost to go from SSJ to SSJ Rose. Where will this madness end?! Find out next time on NPR! And make sure to keep listening for the thrilling conclusion to this saga.

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