NPR 023: Future Trunks Saga Part 4 - Dragon Ball Super

Seth and Robert get back into the Goku Black Arc ... and yes, that is Chris Sabat's voice as Piccolo at the opening of the show! Tell hyou hwhat! Today we're starting of with Dragon Ball Super episode 56 (through 58) and chapter 18 of the manga. "Don't shoot, this man isn't Black!" is it that funny? Is Vegeta doomed to an evil plight due to his FACE?! Are Trunks and Mai in love? Will we ever stop referencing Will Ferrell material? ... find out this time on Namekian Public Radio! Goku and Vegeta face off again against Black, but this time we see an increase in Black's power. Trunks Vs Zamasu and Goku Vs Black only because Vegeta got stabbed. Poor Geets, but he does save the day! Zuno makes a return only to get abused by Mean Green Z, and we diagnose the "knower of all things" as being on the Autistic Spectrum. And finally the relationship between Zamasu and Black is revealed. We end with some news: Kameha Con 2019 is confirmed and DBZ-Tour is ramping up to be a great summer event. Don't miss Linda Young's voice as OG Freiza closing us out too! Not to mention our post credit content, might... just... give you a lil heads up...

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