NPR 022B: Bonus - Kameha Con 2018!

Chip returns from Kameha Con 2018 to give Namekian Public Radio's full report of fun and frivolity. He tells Robert all about the fun Roboito missed showing him pictures y'all didnt see (Go to our FB page to see). It was amazing as you might expect but you might just wan to listen... because after our Con breakdown we start off our recordings directly from said Con with an interview with TEAM FOUR STAR! Featuring Lawrence Simpson AKA MasakoX voice of Goku for TFS, Scott Frerichs AKA KaiserNeko founder of TFS, and Brian Olvera voice of Grill the Sautean from the actual Dragon Ball Super. The recording continue with the Ladies of Dragon Ball Panel featuring Monica Rial voice of  Bulma, Cynthia Cranz voice of Chichi, Jeannie Tirado voice of Android 21 and Linda Young voice of Frieza! And the Beerus and Whis Food Fight panel with Ian Sinclair voice of Whis and Jason Douglas voice of Beerus! So get on in here and have a go at this super sized episode!

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