NPR 022: Future Trunks Saga Part 3 - Dragon Ball Super

Seth and Robert go straight from watching Avengers Infinity War to recording this episode but don't worry though, no spoilers. We try and succeed in sticking to the Goku Black arc, moving from episode 53 to 55 of the anime and chapters 16 and 17 in the manga. Zamasu and Gowasu are introduced to a fight happy Goku, and it goes great! These episodes delve deep into issues like justice and punishment. They also get a bit confusing  with multiple universes and timelines, and when you add in the divergences within the manga .... things get craycray. Pilaf and Mai finally become a real part of the story that isn't annoying for once. We see Trunks and Vegeta spar, meet the Barbari, get a call from Zen-Oh and go to his pad too! Come along and join us on a magical journey!
oh and sorry about Chip's bad allergies, he should have been culled by Thanos along with everyone else. Also, don't forget to stick around for our post credit scenes!

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