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NPR 024B: Bonus - Dragon Ball Legends and Heroes gets an anime!

Strap in Namiacs, this episode is a long, hard, thicc, substance fueled ride of debaucherous Dragon Ball bonus content. Ol Kami (Seth) and lil Dende (Robert) get happy while telling you all about, well mostly about Dragon Ball Legends, new Dragon Ball Heroes anime and way way more... Just like we said in the title. Get a load of Lil Dende Vs Ol Kami in Legends on our Youtube page. Our Amino page grew to 500 Followers!, so thanks for that, and we cover some of the polls from there too. We officially give the rules for our Vegeta bundle pack giveaway:
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This episode goes off the rails quick, I'll say no more other than... stick around for the psychedelic ending!

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NPR 024: Future Trunks Saga Part 5 - Dragon Ball Super

Robert (AKA lil Dende) and Seth (AKA ol Kami) are back once again, dishing out the hottest Namekian News in the galaxy and covering Dragon Ball Super episodes 59, 60 and 61, starting with "Destroy Zamasu!". We Namekians, give you the full spectrum experience of DBS, including the Manga. Wherein Supreme Kai, Beerus, Whis and Goku hatch a plan to catch Zamasu in any possible evil acts, while Yajarobi gets his cookies stolen, Trunks fights himself, and Gowasu loves buns but Zamasu gives him the chop... then in turn gets the Ha-Kai.  We get a lesson in time travel theory, recall an episode of Cribs "Anime Edition", go even deeper down the time line/ multi-verse rabbit hole, compare The Young to the Restless to DBS and then compare Zamasu to Narcissus. Black not only stole Goku's body but is also using his Zen Kai Boost to go from SSJ to SSJ Rose. Where will this madness end?! Find out next time on NPR! And make sure to keep listening for the thrilling conclusion to…

NPR 023: Future Trunks Saga Part 4 - Dragon Ball Super

Seth and Robert get back into the Goku Black Arc ... and yes, that is Chris Sabat's voice as Piccolo at the opening of the show! Tell hyou hwhat! Today we're starting of with Dragon Ball Super episode 56 (through 58) and chapter 18 of the manga. "Don't shoot, this man isn't Black!" is it that funny? Is Vegeta doomed to an evil plight due to his FACE?! Are Trunks and Mai in love? Will we ever stop referencing Will Ferrell material? ... find out this time on Namekian Public Radio! Goku and Vegeta face off again against Black, but this time we see an increase in Black's power. Trunks Vs Zamasu and Goku Vs Black only because Vegeta got stabbed. Poor Geets, but he does save the day! Zuno makes a return only to get abused by Mean Green Z, and we diagnose the "knower of all things" as being on the Autistic Spectrum. And finally the relationship between Zamasu and Black is revealed. We end with some news: Kameha Con 2019 is confirmed and DBZ-Tour is ram…

NPR 022B: Bonus - Kameha Con 2018!

Chip returns from Kameha Con 2018 to give Namekian Public Radio's full report of fun and frivolity. He tells Robert all about the fun Roboito missed showing him pictures y'all didnt see (Go to our FB page to see). It was amazing as you might expect but you might just wan to listen... because after our Con breakdown we start off our recordings directly from said Con with an interview with TEAM FOUR STAR! Featuring Lawrence Simpson AKA MasakoX voice of Goku for TFS, Scott Frerichs AKA KaiserNeko founder of TFS, and Brian Olvera voice of Grill the Sautean from the actual Dragon Ball Super. The recording continue with the Ladies of Dragon Ball Panel featuring Monica Rial voice of  Bulma, Cynthia Cranz voice of Chichi, Jeannie Tirado voice of Android 21 and Linda Young voice of Frieza! And the Beerus and Whis Food Fight panel with Ian Sinclair voice of Whis and Jason Douglas voice of Beerus! So get on in here and have a go at this super sized episode!

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NPR 022: Future Trunks Saga Part 3 - Dragon Ball Super

Seth and Robert go straight from watching Avengers Infinity War to recording this episode but don't worry though, no spoilers. We try and succeed in sticking to the Goku Black arc, moving from episode 53 to 55 of the anime and chapters 16 and 17 in the manga. Zamasu and Gowasu are introduced to a fight happy Goku, and it goes great! These episodes delve deep into issues like justice and punishment. They also get a bit confusing  with multiple universes and timelines, and when you add in the divergences within the manga .... things get craycray. Pilaf and Mai finally become a real part of the story that isn't annoying for once. We see Trunks and Vegeta spar, meet the Barbari, get a call from Zen-Oh and go to his pad too! Come along and join us on a magical journey!
oh and sorry about Chip's bad allergies, he should have been culled by Thanos along with everyone else. Also, don't forget to stick around for our post credit scenes!

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NPR 021B: Bonus - Article Review (spoiler warning)

Hey there Namiacs! It's Chip and Grilled Cheese coming at you with a bonus episode covering some articles, and their errors? Click bait? Well, we'll see about all these supposed facts; says there's a "gaping plot hole in Dragon Ball Super that nobody noticed"! while tryed to rank "15 levels of Super Saiyans" and had "17 interesting fact about Namekians" ... ABOUT US! Tune in to hear what we think, and let us know what you think. Why didn't Vegeta get Super Saiyan 3? SSJ4 is weaker than SSJ God (Red)?! There's a Namekian android?!?  And what about magnets, how do those work?

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NPR 021: Future Trunks Saga Part 2 - Dragon Ball Super

We made it past 20 episodes, thanks for the support Namiacs! There's more great content coming your way all the time. Chip's DBZ Amino account is pumpin' out polls and articles like "Goku the Innocent?" a comparison with Enkidu from the Epic of Gilgamesh. Our next Patreon release will be CSPN coverage, super cereal. As for Dragon Ball Super's anime, we cover eps 50, 51 and 52 (and corresponding Manga chapters, but that's not much) of the Goku Black Arc. Per usual, Goku could take out the enemy up front but doesn't. Black is a masochist who blows things up like jerk, the time continuum gets confusing, things start to feel fillerish and we learn what happened to King Kai's sense of humor. And and, there are heart warming moments between Gohan and Trunks.

Urizen is on tour and hangin' with us at Kameha Con! This is our last episode before the Con, we hope to see ya there!

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