NPR 020B: Bonus - Marvel (MCU) Ramp up for Infinity War

This week's bonus episode is our longest yet! Can you fee it?! We expose you to our other passion, Marvel's Cinematic Universe. And with Infinity War coming out on the 27th of April, we thought we'd do our part to inform and or catch up some of our listenership. Robert and Seth chat it up about most of the newer MCU installments, like Thor: Ragnarok.  We rumor mill a bit, but just a bit. Our real focus is the location of the Infinity Stones and hypothesizing the location of the last and missing Soul Stone. We also focus on comparing the MCU to the comic predecessor and Ragnarok to the Norse lore... cuz we geek like dat yo! And Thanos, what you up to? ... Something, definitely something. The T.H.A.N.O.S. theory ... we cover that too! And and and HIM ... Adam Warlock !!! And most importantly Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2, #Political cuz we are, and dont forget Kameh Con

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