NPR 020: Future Trunks Saga Part 1 - Dragon Ball Super

Hello, welcome and thank you for joining ol Chip and Grilled Cheese! This week we are starting off the Goku Black arc, woot woot! Dragon Ball Super's anime episode 47 and manga chapter 14 is where this saga starts, and we'll compare and contrast the two for our official school report. Bulma dies?! OMG!!! Piccolo gets tricked into chores, and so does Krillin, while Goku joins Vegeta on Lord Beerus' planet for more training. Trunks and Mai's story develops and deepens. We also learn about some extra universes and more about this Zeno character. The controversy over Goku Black's English voice acting and Trunk's hair color spills into even our show. --Shout out to Onyx the Fortuitous-- The divergence between anime and manga really gets going here, so don't get it twisted. And lastly but not leastly... The countdown for Kameha Con is at about 2 weeks, so you still have time to attend and come see see your 4th or 5th favorite Dragon Ball podcasters! We'll only be there Saturday the 5th of May, for a little while. If you see us at the Con and you wanna try it out, try it out.    

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