NPR 019: Super Human Water - Dragon Ball Super

Have you heard of the Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018 ( )?! Now you have/ will, cuz Seth and Robert always bring you the best DBZ news... also don't forget about Kameha Con. Robert earns his newest nick name "Grilled Cheese", we ask Amino "how stupid is Goku?", tease at an upcoming bonus episode cataloging the varieties of sexual tension in the DBZ world,   and most importantly we cover the post Universe 6 mini arc/ episodes 44, 45 and 46. There is no manga as this is classic filler but there is Trunks, Goten and 2 Vegetas (one voices by Brian Drummond!) So that's fun. We see Goku's abuse of his fully simi-automatic Instant Transmission, which we feel is unnecessary for a civilian to have access to. Though Monaka saves the day, per usual. Next episode of NPR is Future Trunks Arc!!!

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