NPR 018: Post Universe 6 Saga filler - Dragon Ball Super

Hey Namekians! Come join Robert and Seth on an adventure time of fillerness! This installment of NPR covers episodes 42 and 43 of Dragon Ball Super... FILLER! There's no manga, but we do open with some more Amino quiz fun; Cosmic Ghost Rider Vs Golden Frieva and "What should we cover? ... Marvel (MCU)". As for the filler it's Goku Vs Monaka and then Goku's ki disorder. Seth calls Whys slow, Whis calls Monaka a looser, Monaka crys, Bulma rations out more crap for Beerus, and we see Chiaotzu and Krillin and Vegeta and Piccolo all try to help dupe their friend! And of course Yamcha almost ruins everything. Then Goku has to watch after Pan but he looses her, she thwarts Pilaf's plan and she comes home on her own. done. See ya'll next time for an awesome interview and coverage of Colorado Anime Fest 2018!

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