NPR 017: Universe 6 Saga Part 6 - Dragon Ball Super

In this episode of NPR we finish up the Destroyer Tournament Arc so join Chip and Roboito as we delve deep into these BallZ! We have a bit of a problem knowing who's who but episode 39 of the anime and chapter 13 of the manga is where we start off, strong! Goku goes SSGSS or SSG (depending on your source) against Hit "the hit man", what?! We see Hit's time skip and attempt at improvement. Goku doesn't know how to reduce fraction when he uses a secret, shhhhh! A big difference between the anime and manga concerning Super Saiyan Blue. The final Kamehameha Vs Time Skip results in .... well, Monaka comes in. The Galactic King gets his member shaken by Kakarot and Champa gets pissed at his team, readied for destruction. VIP appearance by the Omni king, who's gonna hook it up with a new tournament, what????! AND we meet Super Shenron for the Super Dragon Balls wish!Don't you want to know what it was? Well, stop reading and listen!!! Thanks a million everyone, you rock the dragon! 

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