NPR 011: Golden Frieza Saga Part 3

Chip and Roboito finish up both Resurrection F, thus the Dragon Ball Super movies. And your new favorite skit, "From the Top of Kami's Lookout" ends as well, #sadfaceiknow.  The tables turn between Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan Blue Goku, keeping us on the edge, but Vegeta knocks the gold out of him! Frieza absorbs the Oracle from the Matrix, Earth gets blown up?!, and the prince gets robbed. We also mention Champa, Vados, Universe 6 and most importantly FettyKrill. Oh yeah, listen long for "name my taters".

Shout out to Geekdom101, and the event of the year, that NPR is going to: Kameha Con!!!

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