NPR 014: Universe 6 Saga Part 3 - Dragon Ball Super

Can you hear it? Oh, you will... Upgradde!!! Chip and Roboito coming at you 2.0 (or ..0) This episode of ours, covering Dragon Ball Super's anime and Manga, picks up at Ep 33 of the Destroyer's Tournament- Goku Vs Botamo! Goku screams about how big Super Shenron's balls are. We want you to join us on the DBZ Amino to check out the great Fan-Fic and art. We do give our admonishment about 'Trapps', meet nice guy Frost, call out the British BallerZ, our pronunciation problems creep back in, Champa makes many cheating accusations, Piccolo gets screwed over twice, and Jaco calls out that something fishy is up. Question of the episode, "How thicc is Vados?" Come join these dumb guys for the next episode for more botanist wearing butt-less chaps to the bat mitzvah!

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