NPR 012: Universe 6 Saga Part 1 - Dragon Ball Super

Join Namekian Public Radio for an ever expanding exploration into the world of Dragon Ball, Z, and of course Super, and and with also maybe too GT?! We'll have upcoming events coverage, crazy new bonus content, interviews, reviews, up-views, down-views, more views than your eyes have room for! Or ears, probably ears. This week Chip and Roboito start off strong with a new Saga, the "Universe 6 Tournament". We leave behind the movies and go full anime/ manga... plus the debut of our Twitter account! See, New and exciting. Episode 28/ Chapter 5 are where it all starts with the introduction of Champa and Vados, Goku's making promises he can't keep, Vegeta requests intelligence, our 1st on air hi-five, Beerus waists wishes and gets hit by Bulma again!, we meet Tights and hear about Uub's reincarnation, Mr. Satan and Buu's love warms our hearts but most importantly we decide the fusion name for Buu and Piccolo!

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