NPR 011B: Bonus- Super Ending Talk

This episode covers the current episode(s) of Dragon Ball Super at about 126!
So you might not want the spoil. (This was recorded Feb 5th)
Here's a lil sum sum for you over there, a lil bonus, just for you.  Chip and Roboito prognosticate on Dragon Ball Super's last few episodes (ep 127-131) before our beloved goes off air for the rest of 2018. We recap episode 126 a bit, because it's just so good. Toppo man, Toppo ... but also a very tenacious effort by my favey Frieza. Jiren shows character, full power and even a smile. Vegeta repeats his most memorable moment and shirtless this time! We question how Beerus got his God of Destruction job and figure out what Dragon Ball Super will come back as in 2019, "Frieza Ball Z"! We even sing for you?!

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