NPR 010: Golden Frieza Saga Part 2

Our new segment "From Atop Kami's Lookout" doesn't get any better this time around. But Chip does start this episode off on a high note... poo joke. This 2nd piece of coverage of the Resurrection F/ Golden Frieza Saga is packed full of our usual compare/ contrast between Dragon Ball Super's anime and Manga. We reveal the Frieza Force's weakness (Special K), Ginyu shows back up only to be out-danced, track suit Gohan's grand idea, Goku and Vegeta hold hands but still cant out-cute Frieza's button nose, though Vegeta's hilarious slow-clap is the BEST, and Super Saiyan Blue is introduced but also is out-done by the Golden Frieza transformation... or maybe I'm just biased.

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