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NPR 010: Golden Frieza Saga Part 2

Our new segment "From Atop Kami's Lookout" doesn't get any better this time around. But Chip does start this episode off on a high note... poo joke. This 2nd piece of coverage of the Resurrection F/ Golden Frieza Saga is packed full of our usual compare/ contrast between Dragon Ball Super's anime and Manga. We reveal the Frieza Force's weakness (Special K), Ginyu shows back up only to be out-danced, track suit Gohan's grand idea, Goku and Vegeta hold hands but still cant out-cute Frieza's button nose, though Vegeta's hilarious slow-clap is the BEST, and Super Saiyan Blue is introduced but also is out-done by the Golden Frieza transformation... or maybe I'm just biased.

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NPR 009: Bonus- Video Game Review/ Heavy News

Namekian Public Radio brings video game correspondent Mike H. into the gaming basement for our 2nd bonus episode, in which we kind of review Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ (beta), kinda. We hit you up front with the bad news of the week, year... or maybe even ever. Dragon Ball Super is going off air in April! OH NO! But don't worry, NPR will be here for you in your time of need with rumor smashing and idiotic humor to distract you from this ever darkening world of disappointment, dismay and darkening darkness. Ugandan Knuckles sneaks in, Mike H hates on Sean Shemmel, Chip admits sucking at Xenoverse 2 and hating Dokkan Battle, while Roboito thinks 1 and 2 the same. And special thanks to RyGuy for Playing X2, thus supplying our background soundtrack. Dragon Ball FighterZ comes out tomorrow 1/26, so go get a copy!

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NPR 008: Golden Frieza Saga Part 1

Finally, the start of the Golden Frieza Saga/ Resurrection F where Chip's BFF get's his long awaited movie but Toyotaro skips it in the Manga?! ... so no comparisons there. We meet new guy Jaco and get to know Whis better as he steps in poo. Vegeta and Goku get new duds, we have a Mandela Effect moment over Temporal Due-over, can't figure out Krillen's ringtone, and get foreshadowing concerning Ultra Instinct - #spoilers. Also Roboito confesses he likes cat on his pizza...
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NPR 007: Post Beerus Filler (NSFW)

This long and sloppy episode is evidence of taking our subject material too lightly and our drinking duties too seriously. But as always, we cover the anime and manga of these filler episodes 15 - 18 with vigor and passion! (save Roboito's phoning it in from the floor) Bee saves Mr Satan, we narrowly avoid another mispronunciation debacle, Vegeta tries and fails to cook, we meet Pan, spoil Ultra Instinct for everyone and make fun of Champa's tail. Lastly, according to Roboito, Chip also spoils upcoming details concerning Super Saiyan Blue and the Resurection F Movie. Stay tuned for our coverage of the Golden Frieza arch!
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NPR 006: Beerus Saga Part 4

After Chip and Roboito give too much personal information, they give their last coverage of Dragon Ball Super's Destroyer Arch. We find out why Roboito is called "Whiskers", quote the great George W. Bush, give an expose on Mr. Satan's golden phone and uncover Goku's profile on FarmersOnly .com. We wrap up this saga with MVPs and favorites moments too.
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NPR 005: Beerus Saga Part 3

We cover episode 8 through episode 10 of Dragon Ball Super and of course the corresponding Manga chapters. This is our penultimate coverage of the Beerus Saga/ Destroyer Arch in which: Oolong gets his 5 minutes, our references span from Eric Andre to Tenacious D, we mention NFL concussion regulations as applied to DBZ and still have trouble with pronunciation... this time regarding Shenlong/ Shenron.
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