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NPR 004: Bonus- Tech Diff/ News

This week is an update as to some issues we've been having, like Harry Caray interrupting us with a quandary. We admit to being podcasting noobs, finally clarify the Buu dilemma, introduce the idea of our Patreon (much to Roboito's surprise), and give an inside peak at our shirt making operation. And the news of Kameha Con! Plus you get the looooongest version of the "Faulconeresque" Urizen song you never knew we could mix!
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NPR 003: Beerus Saga Part 2

In our 2nd installment of the Battle of Gods movie, and accompanying anime episodes 3 - 7ish?, we give some personal info!  We discuss in depth (5 seconds) who is the fastest in the universe, have some technical difficulties, still having trouble saying Buu, we even call Toriyama out on being lazy, and as always give you some of the differences between the Japanese/ English and Manga.
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NPR 002: Beerus Saga Part 1

Your hosts, Chip and Roboito start covering the Beerus Saga in Dragon Ball Super, the anime, movie and manga! We were rockin out in this one and mixed the music Loud! (sorry?) Annnd were able to only stop joking long enough to cover Episodes 1 and 2, eh. Our fake Commercial and and Zmail might get a giggle, might. Hopefully though; our giving Mr. Satan his due, difficulty pronouncing Buu, calling Goku a tard, and calling Joey Lawrence Corey Feldman will get that elusive laughter.
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NPR 001: Covering Ourselves in Dragon Ballz (NSFW)

Our 1st episode! Can you believe it?!
Robert "Roboito" and Seth "Chip" give a history of their's regarding Dragon Ball Z and into Super.
Covering favorite characters, moments, and jokes... with more obscure pop references than you'll know what to do with (not to mention Team 4 Star).

(This Episode has more adult content than our regular show, having parts that may be considered inappropriate for younger audiences, but has been cleaned and is in compliance with FCC guidelines)

Come join us on this adventure of covering Dragon Ball Super and more, saga by saga ... easy peesy lemon squeezy!
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